onsdag 27 juli 2011

Wednesday :D

This has been a very productive day ! Woke up 7am (although came home 12.30 at nite from work last nite) and worked until 13.30 before heading off for a meeting with my supervisor. Clearly unhappy he was , but I cant blame him, deadline not met and me looking tanned as evvah.... He probably thinks all I do is enjoying my life and not doing anything, but its quite the opposite ! And true are my words. Well, you cant tear a person apart to 100 tasks.

Just got a call for another interview for a job Tuesday heeey

Good news - my sister is coming week after next and we will rock London together and have supernice sistertime !! Love my family ! I am truly blessed.

And here is Yasmin ! In her coolest shell ;)

måndag 25 juli 2011

St Tropez @ Nikki Beach

Nikki Beach is a place where people go to show off how much money they have by ordering the most expensive  champagne (€60 000) or spraying 100 bottles of champagne on everybody )) Insane but fun ...

And here is a regular Monday @ Nikki Beach

St Tropez !!! (1st nite)

So, last week, crazily enough I went to Saint-Tropez (of all places, yes it is the most rediculous to go to haaa). When Julia, my friend from Stockholm asked me to go with her and 2 other girls I though it would be a great idea, as we would have our "4 girls just wanna have fun" holiday. Did not end up like that at all, as Julia had to go to emergency for operation the same day as we were all meeting in Marseille to head off together to our final destination St Tropez. I was already in France when I heard the news that I was going to be only me and a Russian girl from Malta I never met, Marina. Well, arriving to our hotel I was pissed off and tired, had some beer and crashed on the bed. 1 hour later, Marina made her way in with a positive attitude and together with a cute guy we got ready to hit St Tropez' famous and infamous night club VIP ROOM !!! Where one of the Swedish House Mafia boys Steve Angello playing ! Very niiiice.

And here is how we began our little vacation ;)

måndag 11 juli 2011

Welcome Monday.

After a crazy weekend, and 60 cigarettes, 2 bottles of vodka, 10 beers and 1 Bloody Mary later, finally its here - precious Monday !

Not totally bright. But brighter.

After a productive morning - negative news everyday took its toll and finally got me into A&E.

I walked in, waited for 2 hours, read newspapers in the meantime and observed other people around me. Noone really looked very sick, so I stayed on. I hate to go when I know what they're going to say.

Got better so I got up, since I could, and went to cancel. They said that it was a bad idea. So I went back to my seat and suddenly it was my turn. Good decision I thought. Checking health is important*.

Welcome back sweet seventeen ! In going to live, as the doctor put it.

*A quick reminder that I probably should visit Sweden pretty soon.

Back to work now and soon is France !!! :D

lördag 9 juli 2011


The worst ever month to survive. For several reasons I have always had a history with July. It is so anticipated that it becomes empty. I always had something to celebrate during this month, but never actually got to do it. Like for example Ivana Kupala, Eastern European Midsummer fest, always somehow slipped away. Once I did indeed celebrate it with my Swedish friend Alice and my Ukrainian friend Vitaliy in Truhanov island in Kiev in 2006. That night was insane.

Then there was always birthdays I tended to miss of very special people to me. 25th of July is the date. The only time I did celebrate it properly was 2009. We went on a boat through the Stockholms amazing archipelago, to spend the day in Vaxholm, the main island of the thousands surrounding it. With Eriksberg (best Swedish beer) in my hand and wind in my hair I was standing on the upper deck of the boat and watched as we passed sailing boats, yachts, islands with a single house on it, islands with a restaurant on it and the marine police stopping boats to check holidaying folks for drunk driving.

That was the first time we went. It was beautiful and peaceful with typical Swedish red houses, Waxholm hotel and many restaurants, post office, bank and food shops. There was also a neighbour island with a castle museum where it was possible to take a boat taxi, and there were many. Next to it was a floating petrol station rocking in the waves.

As we were walking through the small streets and looked at how people lived in this idyllic little world, there was nothing more I wanted than a summer house there some day. We decided that we should.
 And so the day followed by evening, unfolding suddenly, and it was time to go back.
On the boat to Stockholm I gave him his gift - a "limited edition designer collaboration Adidas jacket" that was impossible to get in the coutry and he wears it still.

I can't remember that night. But it was July, and as always, it is so anticipated that it becomes a blurr.

And as Lions are not supposed to befriend a fish, as fire does not go with water, it was the Grand Finale, the peak, and the end - that waited in the dark and sneaked up on us to dissolve everything that was left.

Stockholm archipelago


The Petrol station in Vaxholm
The Vaxholm Castle

And of course my favourite part of the archipelago -
Stockholm city

torsdag 7 juli 2011

Жизнь в 100 словах

Двор.Качели.Детский сад.
Драка.Кровь.Разбитый нос.
Пиво.Водка.Джин со льдом.
Руки.Губы.Ночь без сна.
Стрес с.Любовница.Постель.
Стре сс.Давление.Постель.

måndag 4 juli 2011


Спасибо что ты держишь мою руку когда вокруг темно.