fredag 24 juni 2011

Glad Midsommar! (Happy Midsummer!)

  Today is the Midsummer Eve  - a big festivity in Sweden centered upon the solstice every year and a celebration of the mother Earth and her fertility.  The main festive activities during this day is the raising and dancing around the May pole which is a phallic symbol representing the insemination of the Earth. This is the time of the year that is believed to have the strongest magical powers, therefore herbs plucked during this night would have extraordinary healing capabilities. Also during this night a single boy or girl should pluck 7 different types of flowers and put them under the pillow to dream about their future spouse.)
The night of Midsummer is the lightest night of the year, and in Stockholm today the sun got up at 3.31am and will set at 22.08pm this evening. Just beautiful and you never have to hurry home !

So I will put imaginary flower garlands in my hair and dream away to my Midsummer Eve in Stockholm :)

"Midsummer Dance" by Anders Zorn 1897

Today the Midsummer Dance looks more like this


The traditional Midsummer food -  
Salted herring and new potatoes in butter and dill

... and not to forget the drinks - Swedish snaps :)

The dessert is a Strawberry and cream cake -
a true Swedish favorite

...and the the ones that celebrate :)

The Midsummer Fashion Story

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