onsdag 29 juni 2011


The week started great =) With positive outlook. But now I have fever and a crazy deadline =(

tisdag 28 juni 2011

Last weekend Summer heat

Finally its here ! The heat ,, and that is how Summer became Summer again for only one weekend.

And this is the weekend in pictures =)

FRIDAY - Sky bar !

SATURDAY - Broadway market hangout =)

 New Greek restaurant on Broadway market =) very niceee

and then Sunday in Hyde Park !!!

fredag 24 juni 2011

Glad Midsommar! (Happy Midsummer!)

  Today is the Midsummer Eve  - a big festivity in Sweden centered upon the solstice every year and a celebration of the mother Earth and her fertility.  The main festive activities during this day is the raising and dancing around the May pole which is a phallic symbol representing the insemination of the Earth. This is the time of the year that is believed to have the strongest magical powers, therefore herbs plucked during this night would have extraordinary healing capabilities. Also during this night a single boy or girl should pluck 7 different types of flowers and put them under the pillow to dream about their future spouse.)
The night of Midsummer is the lightest night of the year, and in Stockholm today the sun got up at 3.31am and will set at 22.08pm this evening. Just beautiful and you never have to hurry home !

So I will put imaginary flower garlands in my hair and dream away to my Midsummer Eve in Stockholm :)

"Midsummer Dance" by Anders Zorn 1897

Today the Midsummer Dance looks more like this


The traditional Midsummer food -  
Salted herring and new potatoes in butter and dill

... and not to forget the drinks - Swedish snaps :)

The dessert is a Strawberry and cream cake -
a true Swedish favorite

...and the the ones that celebrate :)

The Midsummer Fashion Story

torsdag 23 juni 2011

Time to eat healthy !!!

After my "this part of Europe" diet, where KFC exists (in Sweden there is no KFC !!!), and after my weight scales told me I gained 5kg (omg) over I dont know exactly what besides all the crazy fat take-aways and sugar I had since October... surprise ! It is time to go back to my roots in search for health and clean food to restore my original body. So there it is:


Norwegian Salmon - instead of meat

Love Seafood - not only for those special days :)

Swedish "Health Platter" - Very popular in Stockholm's many cafes and restaurants

 Raspberry - my personal weakness and a great dessert instead of sugarry things

South America

Red Quinoa - Best choice to replace pasta, rice and all of that


 Middle East

Whole Grain Bulgur - Same use as quinoa

Red Caviar - My favourite Russian Classic - Great as a started on whole grain Swedish crispbread

 ...or why not Black Caviar

... Specially if it is all over my favourite movie star - 
Monica Bellucci


... or if you are lazy and don't want to run around looking for all of this, just pop into any shop and find Quorn, a kind of a meat and chicken vegetarian option originally developed to be used as a food supplement during war times etc., and is extracted from a fungus (Fusarium venenatum). But it does it's job a low fat substitute for meat :)

 Looks like chicken to me !

A day off in Camden :)

Woke up Tuesday feeling a slight headache and remembered that I was supposed to meet Simon at 1 o'clock, and it was already 12... He always wanted me to see where he is studying to become a real qualified sound engineer and the FAE Institute just around the corner from me. Too lazy to think about my clothes I put on my loong blue skirt, black top, sunglasses and rolled to Kingsland road 279 to meet my Swedish sweetie pie :)))

First @ the FAE institute ...

Things I will never understand

                      Hot man

 Mixing and trixing !!!
 The Green Background used in movies Yeey
and its in Hackney

And then the brilliant idea to rock CAMDEN !!!

Best Chinese I ever had !

 Nice facade !
 The Rave store with Rave music pumping outa there 24/7
 Looking for shoes for my sister Yasmin !!
 The pub with crazy owner !!
 Old Speckled Hen. Good name for a beer.

 Chilling out!
 Functional housing
Craziest rock pub
Good idea.
 Simon and Nicki
 The rock pub

Yes Simon, we know !