tisdag 31 maj 2011

måndag 30 maj 2011

Bank Holiday ! =)

Good morning =) What a beautiful day !!

Not lying, I love this rain, will share it with my darling Simon, pretty soon =)

Yesterday was amazing. Just perfect.

Yesterday I woke up extremely tired. I had 5 coffees, watched 3 hours of Come Dine With Me, had 3 lunches and a massive dinner, (thanks to Jamel for home made pizza !) and watched The Curious Case of Benjamin Button with my lovely neighbors...

Was just about to go and pass out , when I got convinces and almost literally dragged out to the most surprising local venue with the best music ever ! The Nest was filled with people bouncing up and down to insane tunes I haven't heard since my experience in my home town in Ukraine, Cherkassy, where a night club decided to take over our towns airport and have a massive Open Air party, where people were literally dancing under airplanes to very nice hard core electronic music.

Just a very nice weekend altogether, not without adventures =)

fredag 27 maj 2011

Good Morning :)

Good way to start your morning is by forgetting all your problems and just live for the moment. I'm having my final exam today, and should be all over my books, but instead I'm booking my trip to Côte d'Azur area in the south of France, and a very special little place ;)

ok.. time to hit the books ! But don't you just want to have this image in your head dreaming away somewhere to the beach and the parties.. in time my dear, in time...


tisdag 24 maj 2011

Nothing is ambigous with the right person

Thats right, when things are clear, there are no unnecessary misunderstandings. And when it is naturally just clear, things are simple and straightforward. Today "adults" always stress and over analyze situations without any productive and concrete outcomes; confusing themselves and others. They do so probably because they have the need to defend themselves from possible negativity, which they have had enough time to experience and learn to hate throughout life. Yes people, hiding oneself from possible, potential or probable negative emotions will not give you the confidence to open up to a new day =)

söndag 22 maj 2011

Todays Latin Song !

Was taking a break from studies and went on FB, to find that one of my old childhood friends Omar posted this song on his page and said "Shall we dance !", the song is a lively Spanish dance song with a touch of ADHD ... so irresistible on a Sunday morning !


lördag 21 maj 2011

Beautiful morning on Broadway Market !

As I never woke up today, but got up to face Broadway Markets busy Saturday. It was filled with people, their children, dogs and everything in between. And as I was not able to eat myself, I observed others in queues for the multi colorful food stands along the long street. The smell of the delicious foods was memorizing ... I was walking slowly, so I could enjoy every aroma thrown at me on the way. It was everything possible and impossible on offer, from East Asia's spices to Lapland's bloody deer steak (my weakness).
And for a pleasure addict (like moi), it was truly a feast, so I walked home with almost closed eyes.

I want to thank Broadway Market for their show off and tease.

torsdag 19 maj 2011

London !

Went for drinks yesterday on Brick Lane, in east London, which was awesome as I haven't cached up with this boy for ages. And as none of us are Londoners, both moved to build a life in this town, we discussed what we love about this city. I'm comparing it to Stockholm (not to Dublin, since its pretty new and unestablished yet, believe it or not but there's like no real photographer agency there , as an example ) And maybe I measure things in success and diversity, and God knows how the small country Sweden is more developed than UK on loads of aspects (like elevators in the tube, duuh), maybe because they have the time and money to deliver to a such small population. Anyhows, LONDON is the most crazy place on this Earth probably. In a matter of 10 minutes we were offered MDMA and Cocaine, sat next to a man who talked to himself, watched a crazy dance by two grown-up people and others on the table, listened to "White Horse" by Wonderland Avenue and went to the ladies with junkies in their 60s. Perfect ! 

 Not to say it was a Wednesday !

This is what we love about London. 

onsdag 18 maj 2011

Grey Day !

After cleaning my music from bad house songs (some songs are made just to by a
 template) It is time for some chill b4 the storm ! Reading up for my exams then going for a drink i Shoreditch :) yeey

Aaliyah - Miss you
                                          beautiful song for a grey day =)

tisdag 17 maj 2011

New start of the week !

Found out I got the internship place I was interviewed for here in LONDON =) Sooo happyy ! Yelena (my friend and house mate) bought me a bottle of champagne and we started to celebrate this and her documentary Scandinavian Change, which will be linked here soon =)

We dressed up for a night of celebration and went out in Shoreditch to party with friends. Of course the evening was a huge success(as we had the best people with us, like Jamel ) and we dancing etc until 4, then hosted an afterparty (of course not without adventures ... )

Saturday was not without a C10H12N2O (serotonin) deprivation.. but Jamel saved us with a surprise BBQ in our garden ! He is the best!

Then went on to see Eurovision song contest - veeery funny and crazy, but hey, its Eurovision ! Had a very beautiful night =))))

Sunday was a PSY class goodbye party in Victoria park - who knew my classmates were so crazyyy ? well...Turned out as a regular East London party anyways =)))

AND Monday was supposed to be a chilled out eve after a day of shopping for underwear and wires (great combo) looking forward sitting down for a meal, turned out ITALIAN INFERNO - when at Bella Italia we got worse experience ever ! Worst wine I ever tasted in my life - as said on FB, even worse than the one I had on the beach in Ukraine in +50 degrees C under the sun straight from a 2L plastic bottle which was poured in a kiosk across the beach , and the wine was a local production of Crimean Koktebel region (oh God, don't let me explain ) and still the Italian Merlot was worse that a cat piss. Yelenas Ice Tea was literally a cup with cold tap water and a teabag , what the hell is this? If I was the manager I would fire this freaking staff,  we thought it was a joke ! And the Carbonara, I was feeeling so sick I nearly threw up on the plate ! Went home and took my medicine . NEVER AGAIN,,, but the pizza there was ok. lol

Welcome Tuesday ;)

torsdag 12 maj 2011

What a morning ! Had an interview, now making a cover for our CD with the dating show, Gonna be awesome !!!


ps. I wish I was more bimbo in my life. missing someone so freaking muchhhhhh

onsdag 11 maj 2011

Yo Yo Finale is here, my last assignment essay for 2011 Semester B in BSc (Hons) PSY yeahhhhh =))

Very happy and sad at the same time - a bit like postnatal depression, ..my babies are gone  !!=((
Not sure what I will do in the nearest time, and I hate not to have any plans... Just looking forward to the weekend where I can wear a hot dress and high heels and drink some cocktails .)

Had a spontanious photoshoot with myself yesterday ;) and here is the outcome:

söndag 8 maj 2011

Time to concentrate on work, but I cant ! Such nice weather ouside ! Wish I could take my camera out for a walk !!! But no...

Found a video on Russian site equivalent to Facebook (Vkontakte.ru) a girl made a rap love song to her husband to be on their wedding day, Romance!:

torsdag 5 maj 2011

Back again. One more time?

So, it is the end to everything again. Thought I could start over, not yet. It is beautiful in many ways, Insignificant and unmemorable - perfect combination for not having any heavy thoughts, though that was exactly what preoccupied my head in the bus nr 6 and 25.

Bus nr 25, the greasiest bus in the city of London. Filled with the so called societies' outcasts, the heavy thoughts are shown in their faces as dark clouds, filled with rain and misery. Was sitting beside exactly such crew. It is controversial in our society to label people and to have strong opinions (specially conservative, prejudice or right wing) but I have to say, from living in 100 countries, that it doesn't open your eyes towards versatility. For a girl like me (exposed to a pretty safe life considering my childhood and the two kidnap attempts aimed at me) it is just a clarification moment. A possibility to outweigh whats cool and whats not. What it accepted by my subjective world view. Couldn't wait to get out, and promised myself to take the tube next time.

As I have every time I was on that bus,