onsdag 17 februari 2010

And from the beginning...=)

Happy day today (u can have one even though everything sux). Its gonna be snowing all day hopefully cuz I have my day off and planning on staying in, reading "Opening Skinners Box", by L.Slater, interesting piece of work, subjective and melodramatic, the way they should pack us all.
Anyways I nearly feel euphoric (what did I eat last night?) must be some reason, cuz u can't "just be happy". As my beloved cousin Lilo said yesterday: U cant "analyse" everything Mariana, sometimes people just want u to answer to the problem as "Whatever, u´ll get over it" instead of u goin further" (as if I care?), well she is right. It must - though be some excessive seratoning being released after been captured in serotonergic cells somewhere in the CNS, so after this prolonged deficit, suddenly the big pushing wave hit. Embrace=)