söndag 15 november 2009

and here we are just to tell each other that addictions, which ever ones, are hard to overcome.

tisdag 10 november 2009

It´s a beginning to an end. The year is nearly over and so are you. My dear, my love my everything. Who knew? Life can b so unpredictable but yes I have already conformed to this new state of mind and not so long ago you were the only thing in me. This person I do not longer recognise lives in me. Sucks my spirit dries me dry. Drives me somewhere I do not know.

The November rain is not yet singing out of my speakers but I already have it here in mind, coming closer and closer.

u dont appriciate the love that i have for life, for spirit for beauty,. and for me thats all i have thats all that drives me, drove me i hope will drive me
Im still there in those days, i can still smell it close, as if the sweetness of syren was sucked and eaten by me when i was a child,. I still do. less but stronger.