söndag 26 april 2009

09.30 - 02.50

There are certain things that come with trust. Such as blindness.

lördag 25 april 2009


Panikångest. Om den är baserad på kroppreaktioner då är den i det grava stadiet. To easen things up I called Bibi. And explained that I was feeling disoriented, and as the conversation is between two friends, you kind of say phrases like "I dont feel goooood" based on the nonsense in your head. And then the reality - if I cant do it now. when will I understand that this is in me' Head. As we were talking I asked her and myself, Im a freaking psy student!, I should be able to at least understand the state, "but imagine how strong it is"/"real".
Nonsense..,,.what is it.?

fredag 24 april 2009


There is a time in the morning when you realize what you did yesterday.

onsdag 22 april 2009

there's a title

efter att sosso och heddan lämnat mitt hus hade jag tänkt på en sak som jag gör just nu. sosso hade snackat om blogg. alla i sverige har blogg. jag saknar sverige så nu har jag blogg. man får hänga me lixom.