söndag 15 november 2009

and here we are just to tell each other that addictions, which ever ones, are hard to overcome.

tisdag 10 november 2009

It´s a beginning to an end. The year is nearly over and so are you. My dear, my love my everything. Who knew? Life can b so unpredictable but yes I have already conformed to this new state of mind and not so long ago you were the only thing in me. This person I do not longer recognise lives in me. Sucks my spirit dries me dry. Drives me somewhere I do not know.

The November rain is not yet singing out of my speakers but I already have it here in mind, coming closer and closer.

u dont appriciate the love that i have for life, for spirit for beauty,. and for me thats all i have thats all that drives me, drove me i hope will drive me
Im still there in those days, i can still smell it close, as if the sweetness of syren was sucked and eaten by me when i was a child,. I still do. less but stronger.

måndag 6 juli 2009

The date

Varför ska det vara något. Det är juli nu. Du känns varm o mjuk, men regnig o molnig outside. Just like this month.. I dont have time to write, not now, not last month. Im living the new wifelife and everything that hör till. He is asleep now, watching Dumlings, the movie that got me liking chinese films. Never seen anything much better.. but this is good. Soon my battery runs out and Im not tired at al. Waiting for the sun to come back and embrace me.. July. My favourite.
Why this day? I dont know. But Im getting late. Need to start it again.

lördag 13 juni 2009

Fjords etc

The landscape is wonderful. Yes, I am back home (maybe right now in norway) But i am not far, in any way,. When I came home I first saw the cleaninness and greenness and blondness! 3 wonderful things combined that for me mean...home, security and calmness. I allmost feel home here aswell.
Beacause in his obyatyah it feels stronger and nearer.

fredag 29 maj 2009

End of May

So many things have happened just this week. Done with exams 20 days ago nearly. Have already been in Prague and had a blast there with Alice=) We went out to central Europes biggest nightclub,,.,.which probably is not the biggest! hehe but who did we meet there? Russians.
On the dancefloor, behind the bar and in the lounge. Isnt that funny though that u travel to a place outside former soviet and the only thing u se or "want" to see is russians. Mere coincidences actually. Its like they were out there for us as social companions more than other "nations", or maybe we find each other because thats the way we all tend to go - to our own. Drawn or not nobody can expain coinsidences.

Now Im going to Sweden for the summer. Nothing to do in Ireland. Friends are long gone somewhere to their own, and now it's time for me to go where I kind of started.
Home sweet home.. what can I expect from it, and them and Stockholm?
Its so sweet that it becomes dull.
Dull is boring.
Boring is not sweet.

Some people im longing to see because of my distant memory of them. U know how this tricky thing called memory works. After cognitive psychology1 and alot of hours spent studying memory I can still not distinguish between the sets of tendedness in memory routes between different situations. Why is is that a spicific category of a persons actions or personality is usually remembered and the other (sometimes overwaighing one) is not? I remember positive memories that I did and will do with my family and friends which probably is not going to happen. It will only last a fraction of the actual time spent.

But the trick is to forget the actual knowledge about the studied memory and pretend that it exists on your own terms. I remember after searching for an open bar with Alice in Prague, she asked me stuff abt psy. The questions were not asked in order to acquire any specific information. They were just there to ask me abt what i believed. Isnt it funny how people can go around and do things for years and thinking and analysing and evaluating them and searching for information - taking things in. And let it get soaked in. Soaked into the working memory. If processed for toooo long after being in the long-term get out there and fecking integrade with percieved part of personality.
Is anybody able to switch off? Forget. Life is about lies and jokes and pleasures. Not about the green ON switch of knowledge.

Cos if ye think of it, who´s gonna remember and analyse why they were giving boyfriend yet another chance after 10 times of failure, or why they were wearing high heels that sightseeing day when flats´d be more convinient - or other things which we know are mistakes before we are doing them.
Knowledge is in itself some kind of memory.

onsdag 6 maj 2009

Sleepless nights.,.exhaustion.,.and nightmares,...

3 h per night, a coffee and mental prestation drives towards some dead end of disfuncional re-evaluation of personal philosophy. When Im taking a little 3 h break to rest my unconsentrative attention span towards words and texts.....Yeah the point is that I forgot the point.
Im watching Sex and The City... educational program about relationships. Of the new world.

No air in my room., and strange sudden noice from wind,...and yes, soo many changes in my life
so many new adaptaions and feelings of inconsistency and going somewhere I don't ...i've not been planning to and somewhere yet very unfamiliar... and yes I hate changes .........I just want to be in my comfortable present position..my own little world,,..my soooft gentle place....
..why is it always so impossible.....from the beginning to the end.

fredag 1 maj 2009


vaknade av falsk alarm. A bit angry and hungover. The stressful life im living is starting to be unbearable for me, physically. My nearests friends dont notice even. But thats not the point,..!
its when you constantly feel this pressure on your chest, heart, respiratory system, etc,,
It just cant be right! lugnandee medel

About him, I wish this could be our priority. I wish things... Sometimes the opposite. Its really hard being without him sometimes, specially right now,.
He is such a nag,. but he pushes me there -

When people wonder why they are not number one, usually the answer is that the subject they take is not their number one. They dont study hard enough, or they are just not natural.
Stop wondering

söndag 26 april 2009

09.30 - 02.50

There are certain things that come with trust. Such as blindness.

lördag 25 april 2009


Panikångest. Om den är baserad på kroppreaktioner då är den i det grava stadiet. To easen things up I called Bibi. And explained that I was feeling disoriented, and as the conversation is between two friends, you kind of say phrases like "I dont feel goooood" based on the nonsense in your head. And then the reality - if I cant do it now. when will I understand that this is in me' Head. As we were talking I asked her and myself, Im a freaking psy student!, I should be able to at least understand the state, "but imagine how strong it is"/"real".
Nonsense..,,.what is it.?

fredag 24 april 2009


There is a time in the morning when you realize what you did yesterday.

onsdag 22 april 2009

there's a title

efter att sosso och heddan lämnat mitt hus hade jag tänkt på en sak som jag gör just nu. sosso hade snackat om blogg. alla i sverige har blogg. jag saknar sverige så nu har jag blogg. man får hänga me lixom.